SO this list of my recent articles is a bit out-of-date now, cos the Times website has slipped behind a paywall so it’s hard to link to my more recent features. I will scan them all in and upload them here soon so do check back and nag me if I haven’t done it. I’ve also been writing some funny features for Grazia and loads of jolly stuff for the NME. Also did the recent cover feature for a Californian magazine called FOAM.

But here are some newspaper articles from 2010 and 2009 anyhow…

Big interview with Joanna Newsom for The Times – this was such a pleasure to work on. What a woman.

In defence of Dappy from N-Dubz! The poor misguided death-threatening superstar

Not in defence of Pete Doherty! The poor drug-addled drug addler, with added druglings

Snoop Dogg starts making music for those formerly known as bitches and hos

John Mayer shows understanding towards bitches and hos

Snow Patrol wonder where to get some of these so-called bitches and hos

Julian Casablancas tries to remember at which point the bitches and hos arrived if at all and exactly how wasted was he anyway ngngngngn hic

Why I’ll always love Michael Jackson, even though my flatmate says he’s “a creepy paedo.”

Drinking bellinis and talking scientology in Tokyo with indie wonders The Kooks

A behind-the-scenes, fly-on-the-wall piece about Keane, as they tour Brazil. They’re Lily Allen’s fave band you know. I love Keane. Did I mention that I love Keane?

Also in Brazil, but this time touring on a PRIVATE JET – an incredible trip with the one and only Iron Maiden

Thom Yorke starts a secret supergroup in LA! I was there! All the sad songs now go WOOGA WOOGA WOOGA thanks to Flea’s bouncy castle basslines! Actually amazing

Why money is naff and someone should tell Damien Hirst

Why Beryl Cook is not naff and someone should tell the National Gallery

A night on the toon with the incredible and often stark naked Grace Jones

Where indie-folk meets classical – at the Brooklyn Philarmonic with Grizzly Bear

Toff rock – how upper-class Brits took over the pop charts, with quotes from Loyd Grossman (yeah a good journalist should never reveal their sauces etc etc).

Look I just want to say something about this investigation into obsessive Take That fans – I LIKED THEM, I was not being mean. Although the line about Dorothy Perkins smock tops haunts me to this day, a bit. And the bit about chubby thirtysomethings with highlighted hair, because, well, I can’t think of anybody I know who looks like that. Oh wait.

She’s on Celebrity Big Brother now, but Lady Sov’s been around a wee while.

Introducing Guardian readers to Lily Allen back in the day. (I had to plead the case for her debut album getting a full-length review, instead of Razorlight! Haha)